10-year veteran aerial photography ace sum up experiences

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10-year veteran aerial photography ace sum up experiences

Postby Jeffrey » Fri Jul 08, 2016 4:26 am

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What to do before departure aerial?

1、 the firmware upgrade
2、matching the number of blades
3、PTZ, lens and filters
4、 Check the capacity of the memory card can be used
5、storage and backpack
6、rain or shine shooting, Wind Forecast
7、power control and display equipment
8、 the development of shooting plan
9、the airport set aside time to declare battery
10、the number of batteries and power

What to do before departure aerial?

1、The blade is securely installed
2、Battery Installation secure
3、Visual PTZ controllable
4、Compass calibration
5、 Number of satellites
6、Channel case
7、And the battery voltage
8、Test shot can be stored
9、Limit high limit set away
10、Return set
12、Return position confirmed
13、 Observe and become familiar with the airspace and ground conditions

What do aerial flight?

1、Remaining battery power
2、Flight altitude and distance
3、Relationship between aircraft and obstructions
4、Vehicle location
5、 Aircraft flight direction
6、Whether the aircraft within visual range
7、Is there an object blocking signal transmission
8、Will be disturbed

What to do in aerial Landing?

1、Confirm the current position of the aircraft
2、Position confirmation landing point
3、Confirm there are no obstructions in the return line
4、Confirm landing point above the ground and no interference
5、Quickly return to the landing point over
6、150 meters above fast landing
7、150 m or less deceleration Landing
8、 After entering within visual range to observe
9、To adjust aircraft attitude and position to tap into the ground
10、After landing the aircraft quickly turn off the power supply and the remote control

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