DJI Mini 2 Firmware Update FAQ

DJI Mini 2 Firmware Update FAQ

Does updating DJI Mavic Mini 2 require the remote controller? Can I update the aircraft by connecting it to my smartphone?
Updating requires the remote controller instead of your smartphone.

Can I use other apps while updating DJI Mini 2 on the DJI Fly app?
No. If you do, the update will fail. You will then need to download the firmware and update it again.

Can I disconnect from the internet once the firmware has been downloaded?

What should I do if the aircraft and battery firmware versions are inconsistent?
Connect DJI Mini 2 to the DJI Fly app. The app will then check firmware compatibility automatically. You should update according to the instructions.

What factors could lead to an update failure?
a. Low battery. Before installing an update, make sure the battery level of the aircraft is above 15% and that of the remote controller is above 20%.
b. Powering off DJI Mini 2 or the remote controller during an update. If this happens, restart DJI Mini 2 and the remote controller, and begin the update again.
c. The internet was disconnected during the firmware download.
During the update, the aircraft will restart multiple times and automatically shut down after the update has been completed.
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